Exploring their fascination with the evils that beset men through infectious melodies tempered by driving guitars and a thunderous rhythm section, Melbourne based newcomers, Fictitious Me, deliver a hard rock sound that connects with the audience on a gut level. With a poetic approach to song writing, the quartet show a keen sense of expression that belies their aggressive sound. 

The partnership of Jordan Bailey (lead vocals) and Tristan Higgins (guitars), with their disparate musical backgrounds, might be unseemly on paper but it is the marriage of their different styles that produces the unique sound of Fictitious Me. With his steady diet of hard rock and thrash metal, Higgins plays with an energised aggression reminiscent of thrash's hey day. Though clearly most comfortable at higher tempos, he's not afraid to slow things down from time to time and explore the possibilities this affords. Introducing some melody to the mix, the vocal work of Jordan Bailey balances out the down picked precision with a more pop geared sensibility. Transitioning seamlessly from a venomous onslaught to softer moments of quiet introspection, the versatile approach to the vocals ensures an emotionally charged listening experience. Holding all this together, Mark "Buff" Lemmer (bass) and Peter "Peter" Dalenga (drums) provide a rhythmic glue that is steadfast in its refusal to yield. 

Having spent the early months of 2016 honing their sound, Fictitious Me are now ready to hit the live circuit in the lead up to their first single launch.